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Thorndale Dental Associates
Richard E. DeForno DMD, MAGD, FICOI, LLSR

New Technology

X-Ray Cone Beam CT: This state of the art technology brings imaging to the next dimension by providing 3D images that allow dental diagnoses not possible before.  The resulting volumetric images which are created increase the quality and accuracy for dental treatment.  Cone beam imaging helps us visualize a patient's anatomy with high resolution and low distortion.
Cosmetic oral tooth cameras in Exton.
Intra-Oral Cameras: Technology has advanced to the point that we can put a video camera the size of a dental instrument in the patients mouth and capture images of your teeth. This allows us to diagnose problem areas and view them at 25-50 times magnification. This is very helpful in identifying cracked teeth and broken fillings.
CEREC technology for crowns and onlays in West Chester, PA.
CEREC, CAD/CAM Technology: We can now use a camera, a computer, and a milling machine to prepare and place natural looking restorations such as crowns and onlays. The restorations are made while you wait! Using this technology, we can salvage more of the healthy part of your tooth and this process helps to restore strength comparable to your natural tooth structure.
Dental Care Technology Scans for Tooth Decay in Coatesville Area.
DIAGNOdent: Also among our newest technologies is a small laser instrument called the DIAGNOdent, which scans your teeth with harmless laser light searching for hidden decay. A number scale and an alarm signals your dental professional when there are signs of hidden decay. If decay is noted, immediate treatment can be scheduled and we are able to stop the spread of disease before it destroys the tooth from within.
Cosmetic Dental Care Smile Vision in Chester County.
Smile Vision® cosmetic imaging is used to give a better idea of what your smile could look like after treatment. We use a digital camera to take the picture which is sent to Smile Vision® . We note the changes to be made to the teeth and gums so that a trained technician can create a realistic result.
Dental Care Smile Education in Exton.
Interactive Patient Education: We now have patient education that can be accessed instantly on a television monitor so that we may address your specific needs or concerns, and present all of your options for treatment. This helps you to choose the treatment plan that works best for you. We are also able to copy any information onto a CD for your own personal viewing from your home PC.


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