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Thorndale Dental Associates
Richard E. DeForno DMD, MAGD, FICOI, LLSR

Sedation Dentistry



                                                          Sedation Dentistry with Nitrous Oxide, Oral or IV Sedation.

Anxiety-free dentistry also known as anxiolysis or conscious sedation allows you to be sedated just enough to be unaware of your treatment while in the dental chair.  There are many reasons people decide to use sedation.  Some patients have difficulty getting numb, have an aversion to needles, have a high gag reflex, have had a traumatic dental experience, have very sensitive teeth, or some might even have limited time to spend at the dental office.  While sedated it is possible to optimize the amount of dentistry that can be completed in one visit.  We offer three forms of sedation, which include nitrous-oxide, oral sedation and IV sedation. 

Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, can make your dental visits more relaxed and enjoyable.  You breathe nitrous oxide in through a small mask that covers your nose.  It takes just a few minutes for you to notice the effects.  Patients often describe the feeling as being calm, unconcerned, happy, slightly numb and disconnected from what's happening around them. 

With oral sedation, a prescription medication is taken the night before and one hour prior to your appointment.  Other medications might also be used during your appointment.  Patients typically have little or no recollection of their dental visit because of the amnesia type effect of the prescription medication.  Oral sedation can take a little bit longer to work its way through your system and sometimes people experience more drowsiness with this medication.  IV sedation is administered by placing an IV into your arm to place the medication. 

IV sedation works very quickly and once we are finished with your procedure, you will be awake but sleepy. 

If you opt for oral or IV sedation, your blood pressure, oxygen level and heart rate would be monitored throughout your procedure.  You must have a responsible person drive you to and from your appointment and stay with you for the entire day.  After you return home from your procedure it is necessary that you rest, hydrate yourself and eat normally.  No driving or major decison-making should be attempted until 24 hours after your sedation. 

This approach to dentistry is a phenomenal way to provide patients with comfortable dental visits.  We also provide headphones, a tempurpedic chair pad with headrest and a climate controlled environment.  We are dedicated to meeting our patients' needs and anxiolysis is an integral part of our office. 

Dr. Richard E. DeForno is one of 600 dentists in Pennsylvania, certified to perform sedation dentistry.  To better serve his patients, he has completed an advanced training program called "The Advanced Cardiac Life Support" sponsored by D.O.C.S. (Doctors of Conscious Sedation) the same training received by doctors, nurses and paramedics.  If you should have any further questions regarding sedation, please feel free to contact. Dr. DeForno or his staff at any time.


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